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Previous Entry Meh. Sep. 13th, 2006 @ 10:32 am Next Entry
I woke up in a fairly decent mood despite going to bed at 2 am, but alas, rain makes me grumpy.

So. I'm grumpy today.

In other news, my Ia'eh and my HawaiianGod came over last night and he cooked us dinner.  He was kind enough to make me sushi sans the seaweed (blech!!) and it was delicious.  Also got to have his tilapia that I love so much.  My Ia'eh taught me how to play Anachronism (again, since I didn't really pay that much attention at D*Con) and then we watched "Brick."  

Which was a fantastic movie, and I highly recommend it.  Took me a bit to get used to  the cryptic language in the beginning, but once I caught on it really moved.  The cinematography was amazing.  My Ia'eh said the cryptic drug language was a little over her head, so if you've been sheltered you might not get all of it, but seeing as how my HawaiianGod and I grew up in Hell we had no trouble following that part.  He compared it to a 1920's Mystery set in present day with high school students. The acting was phenomenal...none of the kids seemed like they were just reciting lines. Anyway, go rent it.  It's definitely worth your time.

Tonight: D&D.
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