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Busy Busy Sep. 8th, 2006 @ 11:55 am
Really busy.  Will post about D&D night and other such randomness (and will post/repost pix from D*Con after I steal them from my Ia'eh's journal) as soon as I get a chance.

Yay quiz thing Sep. 7th, 2006 @ 10:38 am

My Interests Collage Sep. 7th, 2006 @ 10:27 am
I had to click through a bunch of the pictures...I got some strange responses for some of my interests, but I think this works. 

Sleepy Sep. 6th, 2006 @ 11:43 am
Stayed up too late again last night.  1:30 is just not a good bedtime for me.  I mean, it was worth it, but I'm still really tired today.

We watched "The Messenger" last night.  I like the movie, but my Jester got annoyed at the anachronisms.  Plus the comic relief is a bit cheesy, I have to admit.  My favorite part is at the end where Joan is talking to "God" and he starts calling her out on everything.  

D&D tonight, looking forward to that.  I just hope I don't fall asleep in the middle of the game.

I was too tired to make more arrows last night so it looks like I'll be shooting with damaged ones this weekend.  Ah well, it happens. 

My boss actually came in this morning so it hasn't been as relaxed around here as I had hoped.  And my lunch date, my friend Mary from the other law office, cancelled on me.  Pooh.   Some other time I suppose.

Fairyland Sep. 5th, 2006 @ 04:40 pm
The fairy picture I bought at DragonCon:

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» *smiles*
I feel completely blessed to have such wonderful and understanding friends.  I was having kindof a rough day but after talking to my Ia'eh on the phone and my HawaiianGod online, I feel much better now.  

Love you guys.
» Long Weekend.

Oh, and we decided on a wedding date.  June 30, 2007.  Mark your calendars, please. 
» *yawn*
Yup. I'm at home. Just woke up about 30 minutes ago. Go ahead, be jealous. :-)

In a few minutes I'm going to go have lunch with my Jester, then I'm meeting up with my Ia'eh this afternoon to work on our D*Con costumes. Whee!!  Then hopefully later my Princess will be carpooling with us to 50 Fathoms at Mr. O's apartment.  It's going to be a busy but very fun day.  

And Happy Birthday to arkhamrefugee!!!! Hope it's wonderful!! 

Ok. Gonna go get dressed now.
» Whoot!

Today is my Friday!  My boss is letting us take tomorrow off, so I have a nice 4 day weekend ahead of me. 

Played D&D with my HawaiianGod and my Ia'eh last night...very fun.  The Jedi came and played again finally.  It was nice to finally progress our story.  

Also, I took over my stuff for a fairy costume and showed it to my Ia'eh.  She's providing me with the wings, as well as a cool black shawl thing that I'm going to tie around my waist.  Look for my butterfly butt coming to a D*Con near you. :-)  I also found a cute way to do my hair, and now all I need is some ribbons, some for my hair, and a thick one to use as a choker.  I'm really getting excited about this, I love dressing up.  My Ia'eh is supposed to come over tomorrow afternoon so we can figure out make-up and other details.  It's not a super-fantastic costume, but it's cute and I'll have fun being silly and running around in it. 

Saturday morning I'm going to Athens to visit my BestestFriend.  She's home from California finally. 

» *stealing 5 minutes*
Good lord have I been busy the past two days. It's good though; far better than being bored.

Monday night we were supposed to go to the grocery store but when we opened the door to leave it was pouring down rain.  So we opted to go later.  Instead we spent the evening lounging again; my Jester played Civ IV and I got in an artsy mood and decided to draw and paint.  I had my Jester give me something to look at, and he chose a wizard in a D&D book.  I drew it in pencil first, and then photocopied it in case I messed it up with the paint.  I painted it different colors than the one in the book.  I think it turned out alright, but I definitely don't have the Artist's talent, that's for sure.  If anyone can tell me how to get pix from my phone to the comp I took one of it.

Last night my Ia'eh and my HawaiianGod came over and we played Arkham Horror with the Pharoah (sp?) expansion.  It was tons of fun and we stayed up too late as always.  Tonight is D&D and Friday is 50 Fathoms.  What a week for gaming!!  And what an appropriate lead in to...

My first time at DragonCon will be Sunday!! My HawaiianGod reminded me there are 3 pay periods in September (yay extra money!) so we can definitely afford to go, at least for a day.  My Ia'eh and I are trying to throw together some fairy costumes.  I think I have something put together I'll have fun running around in.  I'm really looking forward to it!!

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